Energy by Erosion

Energy by Erosion is for Ladies ONLY!

Beginning a new fitness regimen can be scary, and stepping into a new gym can be even scarier. Energy is a class designed to help women feel more comfortable in a gym setting. We will explore the benefits of working out and what it can do for our body, as well as connecting that with daily practices and tips for a healthy mind & soul. See below for some frequently asked questions!

I haven’t worked out in forever and am so out of shape. Is Energy something I can do? Yes! Energy is for everyone; no matter your age or fitness level. I created this program to help ladies get more confident in themselves and the gym. Every workout is different & can be modified to your needs.

How intense are the workouts? Every workout is different and is what you make of it! You can always add weight or go faster to make it more intense and challenge yourself. I am here to push you and encourage you!

When is Energy & how much does it cost? Each Energy session runs for 4 weeks & is two evenings per week. Follow Erosion on social media to stay up to date on the next session dates for you to join OR email The cost per 4 week session is $50.

Hi ladies, my name is Ali & I am the coach of Energy. I look forward to meeting you. Please let me know if you have any questions!